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Accommodations – Week 30 April 22, 2009

Filed under: The Beanlet — babypackineau @ 11:26 am

The Beanlet had a lot going on these past few weeks! Most notably: visits, plane rides and growth! Soon, we’ll get to post photos of the Beanle’s new room all decorated and cute, and we’ll include all the wonderful new things the Beanlet can call his/her own. But if the Beanlet arrived today, he/she would get to sleep in a nice queen sized bedroom (with his/her grandmom who is visiting from Salt Lake) surrounded by boxes and suitcases. Stay, Beanlet, stay!

The Beanlet’s current abode is clearly a very fun place to be at the moment. I guess it’s a tight fit, but Bealet is certainly making the most of it!

img_0607 img_06061


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