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Month #9 June 7, 2009

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We’re in week 37, which means that the Beanlet is considered fully cooked. Holy smokes! Time flies when you’re having fun, hunh? Here are a few updated shots of Beanlet’s current apartment. I’m sanding a nice bureau fro the Beanlet’s room – a gift from our neighbor. Don’t worry, we got special non-toxic paint!

IMG_0887 IMG_0886


There are lots of projects still in the works, but nothing that keeps us from feeling ready in case Beanlet makes an early debut. Doctor G says it would be just fine… Phew, no need to worry about Beanlet’s arrival now! Of course, we’ll update the blog as means of sharing any news – whether the big day is tomorrow or 5 weeks from now.

Beanlet has a nice, clean wardrobe ready to go. Here’s a shot Jason took of our laundry line.



2 Responses to “Month #9”

  1. gmom Says:

    Wow, mom and babe look great to me. I am so looking forward to meeting this baby. Love you

  2. Ted Says:

    Wow, Beanlet has some big feet! j/k… sending you all well-wishes.


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