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PHEW! It’s been a long couple of days, between latching/sucking troubles and the internet being out – So sorry for the delay, everyone! Here’s the news… EVIE-BEAN is born!


IMG_0954Her original due date was June 27, and she would have been on time except for how long she took to come! Labor began Friday evening at 11:30 and lasted through Saturday. One midwife arrived at midnight Saturday night, the second at 7 AM. There was laboring upright, on the toilet, in the shower, and best of all in a blow-up baby pool (affectionately known as the fishy tub). Evie arrived on our bed, into the skillful hands of one fantastic midwife. Of course, even after all that time, she still had more drama in store for us…

Walking after 15 hours of early labor

Wattlking after 15 hours of early labor


Early labor dancing, Sat. evening

Fishy tub!!!

Fishy tub!!!



She arrived with the shortest umbilical cord our midwives had ever seen -just 9 inches long! As a result, she somersaulted out like she was attached to a short bungee cord. She sure knew how to protect herself! No waiting for the cord to stop pulsing as we’d planned…

After that it was a little scary because while Evie quietly took in the new world, her mommy lost a lot of blood. But soon enough, Mommy, Daddy and baby Packineau were bonding in bed, marveling at the birth of a family.


So the Beanlet eventually became Evangeline. It’s most fitting with her old-soul demeanor and elegance. We’ll update once we pick a middle name. Don’t worry, it’ll be short!

Evie-Bean, Day 1

Evie-Bean, Day 1

Daddy getting Evie some sun

Daddy getting Evie some sun

Evie and her Grandma

Evie and her Grandma

I'm so sleepy!

I'm so sleepy!

Day 4, first outing!

Day 4, first outing!

Grandma's lookin' good!

Grandma's lookin' good!

Sleep is always good...

Sleep is always good...

So we’ll put up more photos soon. We seem to have made it past some of those early challenges and we’re movin’ right along. A little more sleep, a few more ounces on Evie, a little more time for all the cuteness and we’ll be on the right track. We thank everyone again for their gifts and good thoughts and prayers, and we’re so excited to show her off to everyone (in time…)

Lots of love to all!



  1. Mimsy Says:

    Oh, oh, the most beautiful girl ever, so perfectly new-born, still “trailing clouds of glory”! She is exquisite. Congratulations to both of you, the beaming, sleepy parents! It sounded like a lot of work to get where you got to — but, oh, worth every second. Congratulations. I love you both. Or rather, All.

  2. Ted Says:


    Congrats to Jess and Jason!

  3. Susan and Nat Taylor Says:

    Congratulations to all of you. We are so thrilled to see pictures of all the family. Evie is beautiful and looks so healthy. We just heard-thanks to Toni Taylor. Lots of love to all of you. Love, Susan and Nat

  4. Carrie Martell Says:

    Jess and Jason,

    I am so happy for both of you. She is so beautiful and I cannot wait to come visit.


  5. Felecia Says:

    Bienvenidos, familia! We are so happy for you and would love to see you. My baby girl turned seven over the weekend, and I was remembering her birth and it was great to be reminded of the experience in your photos…whew, it’s over! Don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything we can do.

    Con mucho carino,

  6. gmom Says:

    I can attest to Evie’s beauty and grace, long fingers, long legs and her love of song. Evangeline put her mommie and daddy to the test arriving and they rose to the occasion. Their determination for all things natural sometimes took my breath away. Love to Evangeline, Jess and Jason and congratulations for a job well done. Now I hope all get well deserved rest.

  7. Candy Says:

    Oh, Jess and Jason and Evangeline! What a beautiful family you are. Evangeline, you are a very beautiful, clever and lucky little girl to have the mama and papa and and two lovely grandma’s you’ve created. I’m looking forward so much to meeting and greeting you in person.

    Love, Candy

  8. Liz Says:

    She is so beautiful and I am so happy for you both. Welcome to the family little Evie – can’t wait to meet you!

    Love, Liz

  9. Clarisse Says:

    Congratulations Jess! Isn’t being a mom great?! You and Jason look so happy. Love the name (and that she still is Evie-Bean).

  10. kate aishton Says:

    oh, she’s lovely, jess! i’m so glad you’re doing well. let me know if you’re ever back on the east coast, or maybe we’ll meet up somewhere else around? congrats! congrats!

  11. T,D,S&M Says:

    Oh She is so beautiful!! She sounds like a fighter, strong and determined- what could be better! Congrats and the world is now a better place
    Love from us all and can’t wait to see her in person.

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