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One Month July 30, 2009

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I know you aren’t supposed to say your own baby is cute… but is is it OK to say she’s getting cuter? The time is flying by – Evie has past the one month mark and July is about to come to an end. Holy cow! If you’re on the East Coast, we hope to see you in August (we’re all flying up the 13th and leaving the 23rd). It’ll be great if Evie likes to fly as much as her mom did. Maybe she’ll love it enough to earn the rights to the little red Care Bears suitcase that says “Getting there is half the fun” which used to be Jess’s motto as a tyke.

Anyway, here are some glamour shots – love the Petit Bateau blue onsie. Haute couture baby!

Love the one of Daddy with Evie-bean in a homemade sling.

There are a few more from our week 4 first trip up to Santa Fe. Appropriate wall art, no?


One Response to “One Month”

  1. deb taylor Says:

    Hi Jess and Jason,
    Hi Jess and Jason,

    Wow! Great new pictures of Evie! She is so cute!

    It was good to talk with you today Jess and that you are getting more sleep! At least sometimes!

    I remember being sleep deprived for David’s first 18 months, but you are younger and can probably get by on less sleep. These first few months passes quickly and each month will be different for the first few years. I remember I kept having to run to the library or bookstore to try and keep up with David’s changing to see if it was normal and what I should do or to help keep my expectations in perspective and realistic.

    I think finding a parents support group of other moms would be a great idea, as they can be so supportive.

    Hang on to the roller coaster as it will be a fun ride.

    Jason looks good too in the pictures of him. Good for you both. This will be a great adventure for both of you!

    I send you all a big hug.



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