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6 weeks going on 6 months August 9, 2009

Filed under: Evie-Bean — babypackineau @ 5:40 pm

Hi – I’m Evie Packineau and I wear 6-month onsies even though I’m only six weeks old! I like to look at nice toys and imagine all the ways I’ll be playing with them soon!

Evie thanks everyone again for all those  nice shower gifts – now that she can touch and wear them. She has overcome most of the challenges with nursing etc. that we faced early on. We are SO excited for our upcoming visit to the East Coast. We’re flying up on the 13th and if you’re going to be in the area we’d love to see you! Give us a call!


One Response to “6 weeks going on 6 months”

  1. gmom Says:

    Hey there Evie, can’t wait to play with you. Do you want to play crazy 8 or swim in the lake?

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