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Trot Trot to Boston, Trot Trot to Lin-coln August 29, 2009

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The Packineau family had a lovely trip up to New England. We flew up – Evie’s first time on the plane was great. It was so fantastic to see all the folks we managed to see. We spent the weekend in Lincoln, the work week in Maine and attended the nice reception Grandpa Tim threw for us with his friends Saturday. What a GREAT week!

Evie got to see aunties E, S, and L



Other wonderful, loving “family” got to spend all kinds of quality time with Evie, we had dinners, pool parties and visits. Lincoln22


Lincoln88Here are some more pics of the trip. It was FANTASTIC to swim – in the pool, in Squam Lake and at Little Ossippee. Thanks so much to everyone who came to visit us and spend time with us. It was so relaxing to be on vacation – even Evie caught on and slept – two five hour stretches during the trip and one SEVEN hour stretch! WOW. Now that we’re back in Albuquerque and school has started for Jess (YUCK) Evie has had her first day care experiences. We wish we could take advantage of the day care of g’mom in Lincoln instead of paying for the day care of undergrad work-study students, but you take what you can get, right? Well, here’s to good memories to get us through the semester.


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