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Sweet, Smiling Squelchie-Pants October 16, 2009

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Evie is really into making noises. Not just little cooing -no, Evie likes to shriek, squeal, and best of all giggle. We can just sit around and laugh at each other. She probably isn’t getting enough tummy time or reading but she gets lots of laughing in. check it out on the front page of the blog!

Evie has been a trooper so far with the whole work+school life. She’s holding up better than her mom, I think!


The reason for the title of this post, by the way is that Evie is masterful at squelching above and beyond the bounds of disposable diapers. She stays in bounds with the cloth quite well, and she’s in cloth all the time at home. In the office, however, we’ve been trying to make use of all the disposables we have been given – including a pack of size 1-2 some friends’ son grew out of. It’s time to move on to larger options and to make more cloth ones. She’s outgrown probably 6 of the fitteds I made. Damn! If only I didn’t have these papers to write and midterms to take! We’d have fewer squelchie pants.

IMG_1992Miss Bean works hard at the office where she sits in her bumbo seat or swings in her rain forest swing. She is very talented with the keyboard and rest when she can.


She is a great addition to the Office for Equity and Inclusion here at UNM!

IMG_0108Her number one job, however of course is keeping both parents wrapped around her chubby fingers!

IMG_0111 IMG_2039And – last but not least – hanging out with friends!



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