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November = 5 Months old! November 22, 2009

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Evie was born on June 28, so she is 21 weeks old. It’s a little confusing because the 5 month mark should be the 28th, but then she’ll be 22 weeks. It’s too bad weeks and months don’t line up! The cool thing is that Evie can sit up for a short time unassisted, which I understand is a developmental milestone that’s appropriate for 5 months. However, I’d like to say she’s short of 5 months because she can’t roll over yet. It’s hard to roll 20 lbs over. So, until she can roll herself over, she’s not 5 months yet!

Yes, by the way, I did say 20 lbs. Tomorrow, we’ve got an appointment with our GREAT doctor and we’ll get a more accurate figure, but a month ago, she was 18 pounds, so I’m not too far off. She’s also off the charts in height (or length, still). Chubby Chunks. She’s so freaking cute – I gotta say it!


2 Responses to “November = 5 Months old!”

  1. gmom Says:

    What a beautiful baby. Love the pics of her in the backpack. She looks like she is having a blast. The whole family is looking great. So looking forward to seeing you in December.

  2. Hanna Says:

    She is adorable!!! I am so glad that I talked to you last night and got all the amazing news!

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