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It’s been a while… February 21, 2010

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We’ve been bad – very bad- about keeping the blog up. I take full responsibility. But the cute pictures keep on coming, so here are a few to share. On the updating front, we’ve only got another 10 weeks in the VERY LAST SEMESTER OF LAW SCHOOL!!! Clinic, etc. all going well. I don’t know where the time goes.

Evie is in full-time day care. Yuck is all I have to say on that subject.

Thanks to all those who have been connecting me with possible career leads. It’s hugely helpful since we have no idea where we’ll be going next (since I’m hoping a job offer will make that decision for us). Know of anyone in the world of economic development/ Indian law looking for an underling? Tribe? Federal agency? Law firm?

No? Ok, I understand.

Here are some cute shots for the interim.

That’s Evie modeling her newest diaper style, note the awesome snaps! Also, Evie is modeling her red potty. She looks extra cute when seated there with a book in her hands. No doubt way ahead of her time!

Her front bottom two teeth cut through together on January 20th and a couple of days later she had her first big adventure with the grown up potty. We bought her her own so she’d get over the fear of falling in.

Here’s a collection of other mug shots for the last month. XOXO


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