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I guess I’m on the 9-month plan… September 13, 2011

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A blog post every nine months – that’s a great strategy! Actually, I’m here for a reason today. I’m venturing into new professional endeavors, and they require some higher-level Internet skills than I have. So I’m getting back to blogging here in order to create a test-site. A website on which I can test all my newly acquired skills and knowledge and see what happens — that’s the plan. So here’s the update first, a few cute pictures to get everyone through the day, and then info about professional adventures at the bottom.

Evie is great, Kota and Fuzz are still crazy, and I’m still underemployed (see below). We bought a house in Maynard, Massachusetts in April. It’s great, and things are going well. Jason loves the new job at HUNAP  and I took the Mass bar exam in July. Yup, another year, another bar exam. I don’t get the results until early November. Bummah!

Evie has been going to Magic Garden, a Lincoln daycare/nursery school that many Lincolnites know well. She has loved it, but there’s not much point when I’m not working much. So she’s winding down there as we extract ourselves from the contract. Which brings me to the boring stuff… but here are a few cute ones first:

Visiting Aunt D on the Cape in June We have had a great summer with lots of great photo opportunities. But most of the photos have been taken with iPhone cameras. Hmm…

silly camera face

silly camera face at Drumlin with the goats

So on to the professional situation — I had some great work for other attorneys for most of the spring and leading up until the bar exam. However, much ended up to be less reliable than had been promised, but I guess that’s how it goes in the world of independent contracting. I did have some top-notch projects, however! Now that it has faded, I’m redoubling my web-based efforts to recruit quality tribal law work. I trying to become more visible when individuals and attorneys are looking for a tribal law attorney, Indian law practitioner or Indian law consultant. See my website at  (also reachable via

Additionally, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business here in Maynard: a baby boutique with resale and upscale natural parenting necessities. I plan to offer classes as well. It’s still in its infancy, but… hey, you never know. In order to get my hands dirty in a related industry, I’m going to launch a cloth diapering info site. I’ll post the address as soon as I am able. Stay tuned!



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