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Fall in New England! October 13, 2011

Filed under: The Beanlet — babypackineau @ 11:29 am

Evie is having a rocking New England fall. Over the (anti-)Columbus day weekend, we went to Harvard, Massachusetts and picked organic apples! Then Jason and I had a fun date night – we saw 50/50. (Don’t bother as long as you’ve seen a preview and listened to the Fresh Air interview with the writer/director). On Saturday, we headed up to Maine and spent the night on Little Ossipee Lake after hitting the beach. Then it was up to Squam Lake in New Hampshire where we got to let the dogs romp and swim. To top it all off, we stopped for killer sushi at Moritomo on the way down in Concord, New Hampshire. And along with the pics from the trip, this post is also an experiment in fonts in WordPress. Looks like I can’t post in “Rumplestilskin.” Bummer.

So you may have noticed the dearth of fall color. I keep hoping for a gorgeous, fire-inspired fall foliage season. I can’t really complain, because you might notice all the swimming (yes, in October… in New England). But all this warm weather is cutting down on the reds and oranges. Peak color at my birthday? Maybe it’s not so bad…


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