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Fall in Albuquerque and Portland, too! November 11, 2011

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Fall always seems like a busy time with lots of travel, and this fall has fit the bill. We went to Albuquerque and to Portland in one fell swoop. First, Jason headed to Albuquerque and Evie and Jess followed. Then, after NIEA was over and work was piling up, we headed to Portland for NCAI. The second conference/convention turned out to be much more stressful, busy and boring than expected. Lucky Evie, however, got to spend a whole day with a great friend of her mama’s — lucky duck! We did manage to get some visits and fun times in with great folks in two of our favorite places!

So this is still in Maynard, before leaving. She had to test out hte new rollie-backpack

There is no beating Albuquerque skies and Albuquerque playgrounds

Evie and Great-grandma

Evie and Great-grandpa

Evie in Mesita

No pics of Portland, oops! And yes, Evie did get to trick-or-treat at the Lloyd Center on the real haloween, here in Maynard Halloween was rescheduled due to the snow storm. So this is Halloween take 2. Lucky girl, eh? And, FYI Evie was Tinkerbell. Or green Cinderella.


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