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Fall in Albuquerque and Portland, too! November 11, 2011

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Fall always seems like a busy time with lots of travel, and this fall has fit the bill. We went to Albuquerque and to Portland in one fell swoop. First, Jason headed to Albuquerque and Evie and Jess followed. Then, after NIEA was over and work was piling up, we headed to Portland for NCAI. The second conference/convention turned out to be much more stressful, busy and boring than expected. Lucky Evie, however, got to spend a whole day with a great friend of her mama’s — lucky duck! We did manage to get some visits and fun times in with great folks in two of our favorite places!

So this is still in Maynard, before leaving. She had to test out hte new rollie-backpack

There is no beating Albuquerque skies and Albuquerque playgrounds

Evie and Great-grandma

Evie and Great-grandpa

Evie in Mesita

No pics of Portland, oops! And yes, Evie did get to trick-or-treat at the Lloyd Center on the real haloween, here in Maynard Halloween was rescheduled due to the snow storm. So this is Halloween take 2. Lucky girl, eh? And, FYI Evie was Tinkerbell. Or green Cinderella.


Evie at 2.2 September 13, 2011

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Evangeline turned two on June 28, 2011. She’s been running amok, pretending to be a 13 year-old since then. “UUUGH, FFIIIIINNNNNE Mama” is one of her favorites. She’s completely full of energy, has a huge vocabulary, and is a total riot. She gets lots of attention from adults when she wears her “flashy shoes” (and, more generally, when she smiles at them).

These are not actually the flashy shoes I was thinking of, but you get the gist about being 13?


Renew the Blog! So what if 9 months have passed? November 19, 2010

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Ok, 9 months have passed since my last confession. But I’ll be better this time! We’re moving to Boston on December 2nd. Good bye Albuquerque. So very sad in so many ways – saying good by to friends, family and the house in which Evie was born. On to the next adventure with Jason working at Harvard and us living (at least temporarily) at 9 Granville Rd. Phew. Lots to do in the next 10 days!

I really wanted to document Evie’s vocabulary. I mean, everyone thinks their kid is the next Einstein (hence Baby Einstein) but Dr. G was really, actually impressed at Evies 18 month check up (check – she’s only 16 months and 3 weeks). So not only is she advanced in growing (97% across the board) but here’s her vocab (words she says regularly and when quizzed (yup) she clearly understands:
























belly button (her favorite)



















thank you







That’s all we can think of right now. She’s really into¬† multi-word phrases, but they’re hard to decipher for the most part. In any case, Evie is going to be a rock star (or a Supreme Court Justice, whatever comes first…) Keep it up, munchkin! Actually, tomorrow, lots of Evie’s peers are coming over for a going away party tomorrow. I bet I’ll be put in check when I see what all the other kids can do!


It’s been a while… February 21, 2010

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We’ve been bad – very bad- about keeping the blog up. I take full responsibility. But the cute pictures keep on coming, so here are a few to share. On the updating front, we’ve only got another 10 weeks in the VERY LAST SEMESTER OF LAW SCHOOL!!! Clinic, etc. all going well. I don’t know where the time goes.

Evie is in full-time day care. Yuck is all I have to say on that subject.

Thanks to all those who have been connecting me with possible career leads. It’s hugely helpful since we have no idea where we’ll be going next (since I’m hoping a job offer will make that decision for us). Know of anyone in the world of economic development/ Indian law looking for an underling? Tribe? Federal agency? Law firm?

No? Ok, I understand.

Here are some cute shots for the interim.

That’s Evie modeling her newest diaper style, note the awesome snaps! Also, Evie is modeling her red potty. She looks extra cute when seated there with a book in her hands. No doubt way ahead of her time!

Her front bottom two teeth cut through together on January 20th and a couple of days later she had her first big adventure with the grown up potty. We bought her her own so she’d get over the fear of falling in.

Here’s a collection of other mug shots for the last month. XOXO


November = 5 Months old! November 22, 2009

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Evie was born on June 28, so she is 21 weeks old. It’s a little confusing because the 5 month mark should be the 28th, but then she’ll be 22 weeks. It’s too bad weeks and months don’t line up! The cool thing is that Evie can sit up for a short time unassisted, which I understand is a developmental milestone that’s appropriate for 5 months. However, I’d like to say she’s short of 5 months because she can’t roll over yet. It’s hard to roll 20 lbs over. So, until she can roll herself over, she’s not 5 months yet!

Yes, by the way, I did say 20 lbs. Tomorrow, we’ve got an appointment with our GREAT doctor and we’ll get a more accurate figure, but a month ago, she was 18 pounds, so I’m not too far off. She’s also off the charts in height (or length, still). Chubby Chunks. She’s so freaking cute – I gotta say it!



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Ok, it has been a really long time since I updated, but I hope you enjoy some pictures from the last two months. Evie made her first major trips to the West Coast, with a trip to San Fransisco for Jason’s Stanford reunion and then a week later a longer trip to Portland, Oregon. By the way if anyone hears of any job even remotely related to Indian law in the Pacific Northwest, PLEASE let me know!!! In the mean time, I’ll just keep posting pictures of cuteness and hope it gets me somewhere!


Sweet, Smiling Squelchie-Pants October 16, 2009

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Evie is really into making noises. Not just little cooing -no, Evie likes to shriek, squeal, and best of all giggle. We can just sit around and laugh at each other. She probably isn’t getting enough tummy time or reading but she gets lots of laughing in. check it out on the front page of the blog!

Evie has been a trooper so far with the whole work+school life. She’s holding up better than her mom, I think!


The reason for the title of this post, by the way is that Evie is masterful at squelching above and beyond the bounds of disposable diapers. She stays in bounds with the cloth quite well, and she’s in cloth all the time at home. In the office, however, we’ve been trying to make use of all the disposables we have been given – including a pack of size 1-2 some friends’ son grew out of. It’s time to move on to larger options and to make more cloth ones. She’s outgrown probably 6 of the fitteds I made. Damn! If only I didn’t have these papers to write and midterms to take! We’d have fewer squelchie pants.

IMG_1992Miss Bean works hard at the office where she sits in her bumbo seat or swings in her rain forest swing. She is very talented with the keyboard and rest when she can.


She is a great addition to the Office for Equity and Inclusion here at UNM!

IMG_0108Her number one job, however of course is keeping both parents wrapped around her chubby fingers!

IMG_0111 IMG_2039And – last but not least – hanging out with friends!