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Fall in New England! October 13, 2011

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Evie is having a rocking New England fall. Over the (anti-)Columbus day weekend, we went to Harvard, Massachusetts and picked organic apples! Then Jason and I had a fun date night – we saw 50/50. (Don’t bother as long as you’ve seen a preview and listened to the Fresh Air interview with the writer/director). On Saturday, we headed up to Maine and spent the night on Little Ossipee Lake after hitting the beach. Then it was up to Squam Lake in New Hampshire where we got to let the dogs romp and swim. To top it all off, we stopped for killer sushi at Moritomo on the way down in Concord, New Hampshire. And along with the pics from the trip, this post is also an experiment in fonts in WordPress. Looks like I can’t post in “Rumplestilskin.” Bummer.

So you may have noticed the dearth of fall color. I keep hoping for a gorgeous, fire-inspired fall foliage season. I can’t really complain, because you might notice all the swimming (yes, in October… in New England). But all this warm weather is cutting down on the reds and oranges. Peak color at my birthday? Maybe it’s not so bad…


Month #9 June 7, 2009

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We’re in week 37, which means that the Beanlet is considered fully cooked. Holy smokes! Time flies when you’re having fun, hunh? Here are a few updated shots of Beanlet’s current apartment. I’m sanding a nice bureau fro the Beanlet’s room – a gift from our neighbor. Don’t worry, we got special non-toxic paint!

IMG_0887 IMG_0886


There are lots of projects still in the works, but nothing that keeps us from feeling ready in case Beanlet makes an early debut. Doctor G says it would be just fine… Phew, no need to worry about Beanlet’s arrival now! Of course, we’ll update the blog as means of sharing any news – whether the big day is tomorrow or 5 weeks from now.

Beanlet has a nice, clean wardrobe ready to go. Here’s a shot Jason took of our laundry line.



Week 33 and 5/7ths May 14, 2009

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Here are a couple of new Beanlet Belly shots. Poor thing, the Beanlet is – according to the Internet – somewhere around 4.5 lbs and 17 inches long. WOW! Needless to say, Beanlet must be feeling squished! With a little over 6 weeks to go to the Due Day, Beanlet seems to be doing quite well. The window of opportunity for healthy Beanet Birthday begins in three weeks and ends in two months. Hmmm… who will win the guessing game?

Jason and Jessica are feeling more and more prepared (or slightly less under-prepared) after every weekly Bradley childbirth education class. Actually, although the law school semester has ended, it seams the Beanlet Education Semester has begun. Besides Bradley class, Jess is also enrolled in Prenatal Yoga and PregnaFit. Combine this with all the outside reading and project assignments (slings, diapers, and nursery assembly) – it’s looking like a tough semester. And, throw in working part time… Whew!

See if you can spot the beautiful wood carving on the mantel. It was a gift from our frined TL in Portland...
See if you can spot the beautiful wood carving on the mantel. It was a gift from our friend TL in Portland…

Sorry for the crappy shots.


As you can see, there is no belly button; it hasn’t popped out, it’s just slowly disappearing.



Accommodations – Week 30 April 22, 2009

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The Beanlet had a lot going on these past few weeks! Most notably: visits, plane rides and growth! Soon, we’ll get to post photos of the Beanle’s new room all decorated and cute, and we’ll include all the wonderful new things the Beanlet can call his/her own. But if the Beanlet arrived today, he/she would get to sleep in a nice queen sized bedroom (with his/her grandmom who is visiting from Salt Lake) surrounded by boxes and suitcases. Stay, Beanlet, stay!

The Beanlet’s current abode is clearly a very fun place to be at the moment. I guess it’s a tight fit, but Bealet is certainly making the most of it!

img_0607 img_06061


Belly 27.5 Weeks April 1, 2009

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So this s only a week later than the shot below. I think Beanlet heard that the 3rd trimester began this weekend, and decided to grow accordingly. Hello, Belly!


Belly Shot: 26.5 weeks March 26, 2009

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I know I promised real photos, not computer-in-the-office types, sorry. Real photos will come eventually, I hope.



New Sewing Machine Project #1 March 10, 2009

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Finally, Jason and I got sick of trying to track down the perfect one and bought a basic Singer sewing machine. Woo HOO! It’s so exciting to be all crafty – I can expand my wardrobe, make cute nursery things, and MAKE DIAPERS!

There are a lot of opinions out there about the best diapering methods. If you question why anyone in their right mind would choose cloth diapering (besides the money saving aspect) I’d be happy to answer. Rather than going into that now, though, I just wanted to show off my very first sewing machine project since age 12: the first of many small cloth fitted diapers! I know I’ll regret having put this one up once they start coming out like a pro’s.